Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses A & F Quality Care Services?

A & F Quality Care Services has been set up to offer support and personal care to individuals. Clients may have reached a suitable stage in their rehabilitation and demonstrate willingness to engage with an integrated pathway towards increased independence. Suitability for A & F Quality Care Services is through assessment undertaken by the Registered Manager and another professional. We accept clients who require assistance with their personal care.

Clients applying to A & F Quality Care Services should have basic living skills and be motivated to reintegrate into the community or willingness to engage.

How do people apply?

  • Referrals from primary care teams and local authorities.
  • Apply directly to the Registered Manager for an appointment.

What happens next?

Once an appointment has been made to see you, the Registered Manager along with a colleague will come and carry out a detailed assessment of your needs. Your case manager and others directly involved in your care will also be consulted to determine your level of need and to devise a support package.

We will also carry out a Health and Safety risk assessment of your home to ensure there is a safe working environment for our staff. In line with legislation please note that A & F Quality Care Services also follow a ‘No Smoking’ policy that we would ask clients to not smoke during a visit from our staff.

Once the initial assessment is complete the Registered Manager will submit a report to the referring agent, with a copy to the client and relatives, that will include an initial care plan and a risk management plan.

What qualifications do the staff hold?

The Responsible Individual and Registered Manager is Miss Sharon Agnew. She has over 20 years’ experience in the medical profession both acute, community and private sector including mental health and forensic psychiatric settings. Her experience in managing teams, project management, and HR and business development along with significant clinical governance expertise including quality monitoring will ensure that this company provides a good quality service. She is currently studying for the Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care in order to enhance her personal development and also to ensure that the business delivers this service to the highest standards possible.

She is supported in this role by the second partner, Mr Steven Feaver who has over 15 years’ experience as a sole trader in the building industry. His experience includes project management, budgeting and recruitment, contract implementation and monitoring.

This partnership feels that there is room in the current climate for a new type of service which being home-grown will provide a first class quality service. As the business grows, which they are confident it will do so, all staff employed will be highly skilled and trained in their roles and responsibilities and the service will continue its commitment to staff learning and development. Staff will be encouraged to use their skills for care and further training and diploma qualifications. Training will be ongoing.

How is the care provided?

An individually agreed support plan providing the basis on which support will be delivered to you will be designed with you the client being the focus. Each client has a care plan in which short–term and long-term goals are set.  These goals will be reviewed with the client at 3 monthly intervals and again at any reviews.  The overall care plan covers all aspects of activities of daily living as well as any personal care needs. There will also be liaison between the other professional services involved in your care.

It is the combined decision making of you the client; us, and the other professionals involved in your care, to decide the most suitable way to implement your care plan.

How do we assure quality?

A & F Quality Care Services are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our service and client views are very important to us. There will be an annual quality improvement programme in place, which will include auditing of:

  • Client questionnaire
  • Documentation
  • Incident analysis
  • Complaints

We have a comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual written by both the partners and which all staff will be expected to abide by. These policies will be reviewed and revised yearly or as the service develops. A copy of the complaints procedure is contained in this client guide.

An important part of our approach will be to obtain the views of our clients, relatives and their representatives and advocates. We will do this by making available “Have your say” feedback opportunities with ongoing monitoring of complaints and suggestions for improvements.

We will also send a questionnaire to our clients to complete and the results will be analysed and improvements made where necessary and incorporated into our service standards which will also be made public on our website and available to the general public on request.